Misa DzoljiccMiša Džoljićć, Rector Magnificus of Nyenrode Business University, encourages the homecoming of art at Nyenrode. In the opening text of the catalog for the first exphibition in the Dr Albert Heijn Building he wrote:

“Until I got the flu at my grandmother’s house, it never occurred to me that something was hanging on the wall. Facing a wall I had no other option than to look the whole day at a painting of farmers harvesting. The more I looked the more I saw. During my illness, I discovered men and women working in the field. That field was actually a valley surrounded by mountains. I realized that the field could be nearby, since my grandmother lived in Skopje and there are a lot of mountains nearby. After a while it occurred to me that the farmers were working during a hot day since the colors of the picture were bright and the sky was clear. And than, I discovered a jar at the edge of the painting and I knew it must be water that the farmers took with them to the field. They knew it was going to be a hot day. After this discovery I felt that the painting and I were somehow connected. I was 8 years old.

After this illness I often looked at walls. Walls are places were you can discover things. Visiting museums and expositions became a habit. During my career in the healthcare I saw walls full of art. The Academic Medical Center has probably the biggest collection of post-war art in the Netherlands. If you are ill, grounded to a strange place like a hospital, waiting for recovery, the best thing you can do is look at art. For me it sounds logical as you can understand now.

Nyenrode is an amazing place to work. That is not only because of the University and the people that work there but also because of the surroundings. While walking over the estate you can find some statues here and there, and some graveyard-art as remains of previous student groups. That is an encouraging start. Inside the University however it is even better. Empty walls and a lot of space. The best furniture you can have is called space, so I have been told by an architect. Well, it is all there. Ready to be used for expositions.

The University Board wishes Art Fund Nyenrode a lot of success in using this space for the benefit of the whole Nyenrode community.


Miša Džoljićć
Rector Magnificus Nyenrode Business Universiteit